Casting the Circle

Adobe After Effects CC Adobe Premiere Pro CC Adobe Photoshop CC Adobe Illustrator CC Blender

Casting the Circle is a music group based out of Grand Rapids, MI. Creating electronic music with a darker aesthetic. For Casting the Circle I have created multiple album artworks as well as some short animations for use in music videos and visualizers.

Graphic Design

For Casting the Circle I designed and created three album artworks based on the branding I had created previously. I used the Deep Dream Generator in tandum with some Photoshop tricks to create trippy visuals for the artwork.


I created an original logo and brand guides for Casting the Circle using Illustrator and Photoshop. The branding was inspired by runic designs and was given a "hand-drawn" aesthetic.

Motion Design

I am currently working with Casting the Circle to create 3D visualizers for use in future music videos as well as general purpose animations. 3D artwork is being done in Blender and compiled in After Effects and Premiere Pro.