The Local Church GR

Adobe Photoshop CC Adobe Illustrator CC Adobe After Effects CC Adobe Premiere Pro CC

The Local Church is a multiplying church helping the next generation fall in love with Jesus to create better futures. For our project with The Local Church, two videos were produced and delivered. The overall aesthetic of the videos needed to be in keeping with the pre-existing branding of The Local Church. The videos were used both to lead into a series on the values of the church and to act as a promotional video for the church on their website and livestreams.

The Bumper Video

The bumper video needed to convey a large amount of text in an engaging and easy-to-read fashion. The first portion of this project was to break the given text up into small pieces that could be quickly read. Second, we needed to make a basic script and storyboard so we could ensure our vision matched as closely as possible with that of TLC. Third, we took the track provided by TLC and marked all the points where animations could be used so the final video could be motivated by the beat of the track to maintain momentum. Finally, the graphics were hand-animated in Adobe After Effects and synced to the given track.

The final bumper video files were delivered in multiple resolutions and aspect ratios to ensure it would work well on any display or projector.

The Promo Video

After we had delivered the bumper video to Jordan and his team, they reached back out to us asking if we could adapt the final video into a promo video for their live streams. The process here was fairly straightforward. Neutralize the colors, replace the background of the video with given footage, and add some slight color correction to improve legibility.


"Calvin is easy to work with and sought to bring the ideas in my head to life in a video. It’s not easy to translate what someone desires into a quality product but Calvin’s communication and flexibility made it a great process to reach the finished product. Pleased with the outcome!"